Treasure Island Piracy Quotes

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Treasure Island is a novel that represents an era filled with different ways of life, households, laws, and conducts. Taking place in the mid-1700’s Treasure Island heavily examines the way of piracy, a prominent figure during this time period. Along with Piracy, there are certain aspects of the lifestyle and conducts that are followed. Treasure Island introduces the reader to several of these conducts within characters. These ways of life are either reestablished or abandoned throughout the story. Not only do these conducts develop the characters, but they also provide the reader with a knowledge about different lifestyles during this era. Ben Gunn, an influential character in Treasure Island, is an important and intriguing addition to the story. Although Benn Gunn is a former pirate, he has always had a chivalrous behavior due to his upbringing. “ I was a civil, pious boy, and could rattle off my catechism as fast as you couldn't tell one word from another.” (pg 141) This is one example in the text where Gunn reminisces about his benevolence during his childhood. Since Benn Gunn was raised in this type of manner, it later influences his decisions as he joins the life of Piracy. As…show more content…
This concept additionally relates to societies codes of conduct and decisions. Although Benn Gunn and Long John Silver both abandon a part of their lifestyle at some point, there can be many different outcomes depending on someone's decisions. Between Silver, Gunn, and several other characters in this novel, the interaction of codes of conduct is an underlying aspect, that in reality, are crucial to developing character roles, the story plot, and just make for a more entertaining story as a whole. Robert Louis Stevenson is able to achieve these principles due to his involvement of codes of conduct within Benn Gunn, Long John Silver, and several other characters in the
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