The Importance Of Pitching In Baseball

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Most people will agree that pitching is the key to success for a baseball team because pitchers control the tempo of the game "Pitching as the old cliché goes, is somewhere between 75 and 90% of baseball." If the pitcher is not in sync, the rest of the team will be off beat. Generally, the team with a better prepared pitching staff succeeds. For a pitcher to be prepared, that pitcher must know the proper techniques to perform perfectly. One technique a pitcher needs to be perfect is his windup. A windup is an opinion based technique, but all arms should have the same motion when the pitcher releases the ball. When a pitcher has that same motion, he will proceed to throw strikes and strikes are what will win a ball game. Some windups will …show more content…

In baseball, ninety percent of the game is mental and ten percent physical. Therefore, pitchers have to learn to flush the mistakes. If the pitcher makes and allows the mistakes to get to his head, he will have a rude mental awakening. The pitcher will have lost concentration. That lack of concentration is exactly what the opposing team wants, to get into the pitcher’s head. As a result, the pitcher will steadily begin to get frustrated and that frustration will lead to the pitcher not being able to throw consistent strikes. This inconsistency may lead to a loss. When a pitcher cannot throw strikes, his defense starts to lose focus and everything begins to fall apart. Generally, when the wheels fall off in a baseball game, they are very difficult to reattach and get back going. In fact, momentum is a huge part of baseball. Unlike most sports, one run is huge in a baseball game. One run can win a baseball game. If a run is scored late in the game, the other team will begin to feel defeated. As a result, all the momentum is with the team that …show more content…

Pitching requires lots of stretching and preparation. Therefore, pitchers have to begin their preparation two hours before the first pitch. Pitchers have to do bands and long toss before a game to be physically ready to pitch. If the pitcher is not stretched and ready to go by game time, he will not be as effective. Generally, if the pitcher is not effective he will give up more hits and throw more pitches. As a result, he will begin to fatigue and lose focus. The lack of focus will lead to the pitcher throwing more balls than usual and not having the confidence to correct it. Confidence plays a huge role in pitching. Most people get confidence and cockiness confused. Confidence is when a person believes they will accomplish their goal. Cockiness is when a person is gloating about what they have accomplished. When a pitcher has no confidence, they are mentally weak. Pitchers who are mentally weak are beaten before the game starts. It all related back to being prepared before the

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