Extinction Of Plant Species

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The world comprises of a biome, an environment that is occupied by a dominant plant. The areas found in a biome are known as a habitat. A habitat is where species such as biotic components for example plants such as the hibiscus and animals such as a cat occupies. In an habitat, a community of species occupy certain positions for example the plants absorb solar energy for photosynthesis and the animals hunt their prey for food, when this happens it is known as a microhabitat. The species within a habitat comprises of two components; abiotic components which are non living thing for example water depth and sunlight and biotic components which are living things for example plants and animals, these components are interrelated to each other with…show more content…
The eden project is the home to many plant species from around the world.The eden project is found in cornwall, England, It aims to raise environmental awareness and to educate people on how much we dependent on plants.Tim smit an archaeologist in january,1995 came up with the idea of the eden project.Tim smit decided to use a worn out clay pit to build this biome,october,1996 an architect by the name of firm Nicholas Grimshaw created the design for the biomes in the eden project, it was suggested that it should be shaped in the form of bubbles because they can fit on anything and that their should be hexanol panels (625 panels) made from ETFE.ETFE is a thermoplastic that is recyclable,light and durable ,it can also be fixed if torn by using ETFE paste.In october,1998 a drainage system was constructed, it allows for the drainage of water for the watering of plants and plumping since the eden project will need a large amount of water each day, rainwater is used.The water is obtained through a sump, the matting that is placed to capture water filtered the water the allows the water to runoff into the sump which carries the water to its desired destination.In March,2000 the eden project was funded by the Millennium commission , but it was not until august,2000 they started to make there own soil, the reason for this is because regions have different types of soil that makes plants capable of growing there,and then in september,2000 they started to bring in the plants, some of

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