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Plastic is a necessity to everyday life as we know it. Throughout a normal day, plastic is interacted with countless times in some form or another. Being such a versatile and cheap material, it is a no brainer as to why it is used so frequently in disposable forms. Ranging from bags to bottles, and from containers to cups, the uses for plastic are widespread. As valuable and important as plastics may seem, based on how often we use them, they are often not thought of as such. After minimal use they are disposed of and deemed garbage. Then they are sent to landfills and are left to sit rendered useless.
The amount of plastics and how frequently they are used is evident almost anywhere. Standing on any busy street corner there will be a person carrying
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They are being over polluted and cluttered with garbage and plastic waste. Erik Sebille reported that, “An estimated that eight million metric tons of our plastic waste enter the oceans from land each year,” (2016). The plastic washes up on shores cluttering beaches and connecting waterways alike. While being an eyesore is a problem the real issues are how the waste effects the ecosystem and animals that are living there. Animals swimming through foreign objects that don’t belong in their habitats is harmful for them. It puts them at risk for injury or even death. It is estimated that the plastic waste that is thrown away into seas every year can kill as many as 1,000,000 sea creatures (Leblanc 2017). This large number of animals being killed from an outside source has a good chance to upset the ecosystem that they are living in. There is a balance between the life in our oceans and when it is being affected by the plastic waste we are allowing to enter the oceans. As the animals can’t clean the garbage out themselves it is our duty to make sure that it isn’t getting there in the first

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