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Were playing Basketball Basketball, basketball is one of the most loved sports in the U.S.A. Almost everybody knows about Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Steph Curry. So how do you play basketball and what are the rules to this interesting sport named basketball? Well, that is what I am here to inform you about, im gonna tell you the important rules to basketball and some of the most important parts of this sport. So let 's get right into this, basketball is a very fun and easy sport to learn. The main gist to this sport is a 5 person team versus another 5 person team. You have to stay inside the court you and or the ball cannot go out. How to get points in this game, there is this ball you dribble around called a basketball you are supposed to have a shooting…show more content…
Offense is where you are trying to get the ball in the hoop and score, pass to your teammates, and dribble the ball. Defense is where you are trying to stop the other team from scoring so that means you have to try to steal the ball from the other team and to try to not let them move and pass to their other teammates, without drawing a foul which means that you pull,hold,push,block, and slap them when you are on defense but on offense it 's really hard to get a foul! So don 't worry about those on offense but you can not intentionally do those things to them when you are offense because that will be a technical or a flagrant which they can maybe throw you out of the game, and if you get five fouls you foul out which means you are not able to play anymore. Those are the most important and main rules for basketball, I hope you liked this tutorial on the rules of basketball. Those are the rules are basketball that you have to follow, I hope you now know how to play basketball. And how about you sign up for your local basketball team and give this game a
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