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Throughout the week in class we focused our attentions around the idea of play. Play is having the ability to be creative in any situation, it can be done alone or even with others as seen in class with the various exercises. Play is being in a state of being that is pleasurable for you, for me it can be seen as a way to relieve stress. In Margarita Tartakovsky’s article “The Importance of Play for Adults” it states that as adults “play is perceived as unproductive … and between personal and professional responsibilities, there’s no time to play” (Tartakovsky). Even though this can be considered a norm in society, play is actually beneficial to not only kids but adults as well. Since it can allow a person to develop skills such as problem solving, creativeness, and relationships. Not only that but play can cause strangers to create deep connections with one another and develop healing. Play can be done almost anywhere as long as a person has the inspiration to do so,…show more content…
One exercise that we had done was using chairs and walked across each side of the room and we did many different types of movement. Through this exercise everyone was able to think creatively and they had fun doing it, even taking other peoples movements. We were playing around with how we can use the chairs and how we can be connected to them at all times. Another exercise consisted of using Styrofoam rollers and creating different games to play in our groups, one idea was jumping over the rollers until you made it to the other side. At first it did not really work but then game was modified to where only two people have to get across while everyone else had to roll the rollers towards them. As a class we were able to become creative and make the game even better. Then we started to play sword fighting game amongst ourselves, we did it however we like such as pretending to cut off limbs as the game went

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