The Importance Of Play In Child Development

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Everything starts in the childhood. During this period of life many habits are being formed and may affect on every person’s life that lays the process for development. If we hear the ‘play ’ word, I believe that people and mostly children would be happy and started thinking what game and activity they want to play with others. I believe most culture across the universe generally accepting that childhood is a time for play and that learning and development would form through play. Play Therapy UK (2011) defines play is 'A physical or mental leisure activity that is undertaken essentially for entertainment and enjoyment and has no other objective '. Leisure and play provide an opportunity for self-worth, self-esteem and achievement; meanwhile play provides those self-quality and achievement for children. Australian government also had been issued the Children’s Rights as generally stated in Article 31 of Children’s Rights that children have the right to relax, play and to join in a wide range of leisure activities (Unicef Australia, 2013). Play is the mechanism through in way the development of children occurs that allows for cognitive, social, emotional and physical…show more content…
I strongly believe that parents are the most person that can influence them especially through direct interactions. Professor Karen Hutchison, who worked in Rowan University, talked about the importance of play for young children. She made a statement that play is definitely misunderstood in today’s society. Parents fail to understand that play addresses to all developments of the child rather than just cognitive development (Rowan University, 2011). Parents today are so focus on getting their children into very prestige school such as Harvard or being successful, monetarily and educationally that they had forgotten the physical domain, which of course lead to obesity and social and emotional domain that lead to bullying (Rowan University,
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