The Importance Of Playing A Basketball Game

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Each basketball game play is more exciting than the last ! I can see the great potential of my team. I can look back and see the hard work that my teammates and I have done. I realize that when we are playing I need to focus on playing and interacting with the players that are on the court. I can feel the intensity of the games that we play. Each of us on the team feels the pressure that mounts in every quarter. The heat is on and I can see the sweat on all the players faces. I feel it rolling down my neck! You can feel the adrenaline flowing in the game. A winning game gives me an exhilarating feeling as we hear all the spectators excitement and cheers ! We don 't always win every game, but I feel a sense of accomplishment in knowing we have played a good, hard game. I believe we should learn to see the…show more content…
Looking around at my teammates after the games makes me know that I am not the only one feeling really tired. Giving it all you have is so worth it, no matter how tired I am. Basketball has taught me to be strong. I always have the back 's of my teammates and I know I can count on them to have mine. This is a great feeling. It is a cool feeling of belonging when we go places dressed in our uniforms all alike as a team. Everyone who sees us knows we are a team which makes you feel connected in a special way. The first college basketball game I ever played was at John Brown University. It was a time when I really felt I needed to step up as a college basketball player. There is an intensity in playing college ball that you feel as you step out on that court to warm up for the game, then line up for the team introductions. You hear the crowd cheering each team as the announcer begins. The cheerleaders are doing cheers and encouraging their team. The gym is full of anticipation and excitement. So many emotions were entering my mind. The feeling of playing my first
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