Personal Narrative: My First Soccer Player

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I’ve been playing soccer for over ten years, and I am very passionate about it. However the passion and dedication hasn’t always been there with me. It took a long time to realize that I needed to actually work hard to be at the level or above the level of my teammates. I have always worked hard to get good grades, but for some reason it took me a long time to learn to work hard in sports. Even today I have a hard time with this. The first soccer league that I played was AYSO, which isn’t a competitive league. This league didn’t take score and taught only the basic soccer rules and techniques. I remember thinking I was the best one on the team, and I won all the games for my team. I was actually the one who would pick up the clumps of grass…show more content…
This league was way more competitive and aggressive. I was not used to running so much in the games or practices. The girls were more aggressive, and I was just a scrawny wimpy girl. It came to my attention that I was made one of the worst players on the team. This was my first years of soccer all over again. Except this time I would come up with excuses so I wouldn’t have to run, or to get out of the workouts. I would even come up with fake injuries to get out of the workouts. I was that one member on the team that everyone got worried about when they were put into the game. I was that bad. Luckily, I had some close friends who encouraged me to keep on playing for the rest of that season. Once I got to sixth grade, for some odd reason, I decided to quit soccer and pursue dance. That was probably the worst experience of my life and only lasted about three months. I was even worse at this and jammed my thumb about four times. I went back to soccer and started using all my excuses again. However, this time I noticed how awful I was. I started doing all the drills and workouts at practice. I was starting to become a better player, and I would play the full game. I was stronger and faster, and it was so rewarding to get compliments after the
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