Softball Vs Softball

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It’s One or The Other When I was 4, I started to play soccer. I was very young to start, but that didn’t faze me. I’d go around kicking and screaming with joy. After a while of playing that sport, I became interested in playing softball because I would watch my big brother play; I have always looked up to him. As I became more interested in both of the sports, I would always want to play, didn’t matter what time of day, the weather conditions, whether or not I had anybody to play with. As time went by and soccer became more and more competitive, I fell in love with the sport; the grass, the runs, the adrenaline rushing through my little body, the goal scoring, the aggressiveness, everything. Softball was always my secondary sport, when I had soccer and softball at the same time, I’d skip softball for soccer. My softball coach would always get mad and make me play outfield and/or make me be later in the batting lineup. He would always…show more content…
It was getting to the age where you had to make a commitment to one sport or the other. And of course I chose soccer over softball because I liked playing it more that softball. I just always thought that soccer was better than softball. I was also very competitive in both of the sports, I played on the best team in my division for soccer and I played on the best team in the State (we won state for softball). Not to be cocky or anything, but I was very good at softball. I was the starting 3rd baseman, I was either 2nd or 3rd in the batting lineup, I would always hit dingers that went way out there, and I was very quick to the ball and I had quick reflexes. I don’t know what there was about soccer, it was just relaxing to me. I enjoyed every minute of it and it wasn’t as frustrating to me as softball was. Like whenever I would lose a softball game, I would get really mad and I wouldn’t want to talk to anybody. But same goes for soccer, it wasn’t as bad
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