The Importance Of Plutocracy In America

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Proof that the United States has a plutocratic government is everywhere. We can see the proof as close to home as our own county, or as far reaching as the presidential election. Everywhere, it is evident that money is power in America. People love to say that America is the one place everyone is on equal footing, regardless of economic background, but they could not be more wrong. People will talk about “the land of equality” until they are red, white, and blue in the face, but, in reality, money is what makes America run. Even though it would seem the plutocracy would not be present in our own small, insignificant little county- we’re just one little Atlanta suburb! Why would the wealthy elite possibly want to rob us of our tax dollars?- it is alive and well. On August 13th , just over two weeks ago, Dekalb County Commissioner Stan Watson was found guilty of ethical lapses. The board found that he voted to give a county contract to APD Solutions, a local property development company, on two…show more content…
Donald Trump, a man who can only truly relate to the other 0.00004 percent of Americans he is in the same wealth percentile as- yes that’s four zeroes!- is currently demolishing the other Republican candidates. So why are the other candidates clinging to the coattails of a custom made jacket that could pay for my college tuition? People aren’t listening to Trump’s mouth, they’re listening to his wallet. Even though Trump stands for everything that would hurt the middle and lower classes- tax benefits for the wealthy, severely cutting funding for public education, etc- he is a whopping 28 percent ahead of his competitors, the closest of which is less than half that. Trump can afford to say whatever crazy statement pops into his head and people will still eat it up because he can buy the
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