Why Poaching Is Bad

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Poaching Is Affecting Our Lives One day there was a man walking in the desert and then there was other man coming from the opposite side with a gun. On the other side there is a elephant drinking water and the guy with the gun shot and killed the elephant.The other guy just walk up to that man and said “ Did that animal choose to die” I feel like it should be a bigger deal than it currently is, all though some people think poaching isn’t a big deal,Poaching is a big problem in the world today.It is important to know the difference between hunting and poaching,The amount of how many animals are getting killed, and what you can do to help prevent it. How come we have a choice to live and animals don't? Poaching is a problem in the World. United States is second…show more content…
When you hunt you have a permit and a license and you can go hunting when the DNR allows you to hunt.But hunting can become illegal when you don’t follows those rules and that turns into poaching.3 Poaching is way different hunting.Poaching is when the animal is getting killed without a permit and a license. Also when you aren’t getting permission from the person who owns the land and you are killing animals on their land.And you have to have your gun clarified in different countries to shoot bigger animals,if not it becomes illegal. Some animals can’t be poach because of how little there population is.5 What animals can be hunted legally without being counted as poaching.Usually the animals that our hunted are the ones that have a big population. Or is commonly eaten by us and we have to get more meat.Deer are considered game animals because they are the most being shot.But like kangaroos can only be hunted in some states. But some people shoot the animals that you are not supposed to shoot.4 Hunting becomes illegal when you aren’t following your states rules. And there are a bunch of different ways you can help to stop
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