The Importance Of Poetry

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Poetry is a much deeper subject requiring more thought and effort required to create it than someone might believe. I previously believed it was as simple as writing your thoughts or feelings while using using rhyme and pattern. The fact is, that like with any other form of writing, there are a set of rules to follow in order to create a successful work. Learning to read a poem analytically requires knowledge of the elements of a poem such as:form, imagery, and rhyme scheme among other things. There are important aspects one should keep in mind when reading a poem. For instance, you will not always be able to understand the meaning behind all poems, also that poems are written quite differently than other types of writing, and that a poem will not read just like a story does. Though there are similar elements that are found in a story such as characters, setting, and action among other things, it is important to not expect to find a poem to read as a story does. Personal preference factors into the level of enjoyment a person has for poetry. Many things may influence how a person reacts to certain poems. Poem length, sound device, language, syntax, and form may play a role in how a person feels about a poem. Poem length does not play a factor into how much I personally enjoy a poem as much as the language does. I find that I am drawn more to poems that use language that I am familiar with, opposed to the language of Shakespeare for instance, therefore I prefer
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