The Importance Of Police Brutality

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The definition of police brutality is the use of unnecessary force by police when dealing with people. Excessive force is using force well beyond what is necessary for the situation. Police use pepper spray, batons, nerve gas to hurt or intimidate people. Many excessive force complaints do not get investigated and this is because we have problems with our system. Police feel as if they are unstoppable. Police brutality can also take the form of false arrests, verbal abuse. Many countries have laws which address police brutality. Under these laws police brutality is seen as a very serious offense and was investigated by a commission of district attorneys. Even with the law covering police brutality, many complaints made by civilians about excessive…show more content…
The abuse violates the Fifth and Fourteenth amendments of the United States Constitution because brutality is directed against minority groups and otherwise powerless populations. “African Americans across the country, the CERD explained in a press conference, bear a disproportionate amount of the burden associated with economic and social disparity” (Charles Pulliam-Moore, 2014, para. 2). Officers who engage in brutality rationalize their use of extra legal force, they claim they are punishing those groups that threaten to disrupt the social order. The importance of understanding racism in the context of police brutality cannot be underestimated. Many police automatically regard racial minority group members as potentially dangerous regardless of their particular activities or gestures. A few officers are chronic offenders who are responsible for a disproportionate number of brutality complaints. Those receiving most of the complaints are younger, less experienced, and prone to initiate aggressive actions toward…show more content…
I, for one, find this truth to be extremely terrifying. Born in Sacramento, California, on April 2, 1965, Rodney King was caught by the Los Angeles police after a high-speed chase on March 3, 1991. The officers pulled him out of the car and beat him brutally, while amateur cameraman George Holliday caught it all on videotape. The four L.A.P.D. officers involved were indicted on charges of assault with a deadly weapon and excessive use of force by a police officer. However, after a three-month trial, a predominantly white jury acquitted the officers, inflaming citizens and sparking the violent 1992 Los Angeles riots. Two decades after the riots, King told CNN that he had forgiven the officers. King was found dead in his swimming pool on June 17, 2012, in Rialto, California, at the age of 47.Born on April 2, 1965, in Sacramento, California, Rodney Glen King was an African American who became a symbol of racial tension in America, after his beating by Los Angeles police officers in 1991 was videotaped and broadcast to the nation. “I would say in the early 1900s, that the L.A.P.D. certainty had some deep-rooted problems” (Gregory Yates, 2014, para.

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