Los Angeles Riots

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Throughout history, the legitimacy of police violence has long been associated with its effectiveness and credibility towards the public eye. While most may configure that crime must be dealt accordingly, the vast number of those affected have expressed otherwise. Known for its discrimination and excessive use of force, the LAPD has always developed a sense of backlash within its social barriers. African Americans, in particular, have often opposed its methods of convention through signifying their own lack of protection and safety. Moreover, the officer’s lack of judgment of when to react in certain scenarios often poses a risk to those who have not experienced such brutality. In some cases, the innocent ones end up conforming due to their…show more content…
In the film, Crips and Bloods: Made in America, by Stacy Peralta, analyzes the social conditions of young African Americans associated with gang violence in South Los Angeles as well as its influence towards the LAPD. One of the events that became rapidly known for its police abuse was the Los Angeles Riots of 1992. This occasion which surfaced through the news media after four police officers were being videotaped beating up a black motorist, Rodney King, became evident of the unnecessary brutality that was being dealt with. Since the victim was unarmed, there was no justification towards the attack, therefore, the use of force was considered unwarranted. The Federal Courts trial, that acknowledged the acquittal of these law enforcers, led to a sudden outbreak, which African Americans sought to promote social justice. A surge of rampant crowds began rioting and acting violently by wreaking havoc in its own communities. In the article, “Police Story”, Steve Chick emphasizes that “They began running down alleys, burning windows, screaming and yelling, and protesting their own mistreatment.” (Chick 170). These people began retaliating as a way of expressing their own civil unrest towards law enforcement. They sought to advocate fairness and equality as a result of feeling threatened by the LAPD’s response to the…show more content…
While such mistreatment should not be prohibited, many law enforcement officers continue to apply force when unneeded. The Rodney King Riots, which demonstrated its excessive brutality towards an unarmed black victim, proves the lack of justification for such an action. Their abuse became known for its discrimination towards these racial communities, which continued to promote society’s civil unrest, through public rioting and retaliation towards the LAPD. As time progressed, police abuse during the 70s and 80s, became prevalent during the rise of punk rock and gang violence.The daily interference of law enforcement contributed to the long-term negative publicity by punk bands, such as Black Flag, as well as the daily shootings between the Crips and Bloods. All things considered, when police act forcefully against their counterparts without reason, society engages violently in response to their

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