The Importance Of Political Art

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Art seems to be the best form of political action simply because it is politics without what is problematic in politics (without questions of hierarchy, power, exclusion, violence, etc.). Today's art is a battlefield, resource, media, etc. (no matter what preference is given in describing political action or articulation). It comes to that art as a special material form of practice invades the social and political spheres. Emile (1890) discussed that the contemporary political art, unlike the art of socialist realism or the historical avant-garde, is forced to proceed from the position of denying the totality of capitalism. Therefore, it seeks to connect this negativism with the search for a subject and aesthetics that could most accurately…show more content…
Thus, pride acts as a kind of "salvation", a protective mechanism that allows the individual to preserve himself, his ideas about the world, when it is high time to look at it more broadly, to change old and stagnant beliefs, to open oneself to the world. Michael (2000) explained that the difference in the sense of pride corresponds to the difference in social order. Our pride should be collective, all should be proud of about the same; if one pride contradicts the other, one must choose which is right, and the rest be branded with shame. On the other hand, we see a combination of small private pride, which is accepted, considered useful and not contradictory to the common cause. Pride is directly related with identity. Now it is time for the community to return from the general consideration of sympathy to its influence on pride and humiliation in those cases when these affects are aroused by praise or blame, good or bad reputation. We can note the following: any quality for which a person receives praise from another, in itself is always capable of generating pride in him, if only he really has it.
According to Anselom (1981), art is propagated more because it gives hope to the country. It gives a socially acceptable way out of aggression and other negative feelings. The art of doing nothing cannot be mastered instantly. It provides a person with the opportunity of free self-knowledge and self-realization. Edinburgh (1850) promoted the creative self-expression, development of imagination, aesthetic experience, practical skills of visual activity and artistic abilities. The hope is that the country heals itself a political
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