The Importance Of Political Correctness In Communication

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The topic of political correctness in communications deserves to be researched further in depth for many reasons. The first reason as to why political correctness is worthy of a study, is because it in itself has begun to isolate individuals.. While the initial intention of political correctness was to reject derogatory terms in order to create more respect for one another, it has ultimately made society more uncomfortable with people who fit the conditions of these politically charged terms. According to Gallagher (2013), “the effect of political correctness has been to make everyone avoid these topics altogether -- thereby hindering our ability to get comfortable in living and working with those who are different from us.” (para. 6). In numerous situations, one mistaken word can mean getting severely reprimanded for or, even being let go from a position, for using a word or phrase that is politically incorrect. Most people in today’s society know that not using politically correct terms can create this disharmony. Because of this, people become very uncomfortable around others who embody politically charged traits. Not being able to work with individuals of different backgrounds significantly hinders our personal and societal development. Political correctness and its effect on communication with others, deserves to be studied because it is important to learn how to work with others who have come from diverse circumstances. Another reason that political correctness is

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