The Importance Of Political Socialization

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Why is our Political Socialization important to us? I believe it is beneficial to know what you believe in and why we believe in it. That way when we are ready to vote we can essentially match our views too choose a party to match our desired needs or wishes. Many wonder what Political Socialization really means it is a process by which people form their own ideas about politics and acquire political views. Which is why to me my family is a huge part of my Political Socialization because, they give me a huge background of what my values are going to be as you grow throughout your lifeline. Friends as well play a major role because my peers surround me and are constantly voicing their opinion which can greatly alter my own religious views. As well as your community may affect you as well by their beliefs and values opening your eyes to see the bigger picture by the media which role provides sufficient detail which can change your opinion or stand points on things occurring all around you. My family has influenced my Political Socialization by raising me in a household were there were many beliefs which gave me the opportunity to broaden and create my own beliefs and viewpoints. From the moment you are brought into this world your family is beginning to shape you into what they believe fits your family’s beliefs. As for my friends they support me, guide me and offer me pride in many of my decisions. My community has influenced me by allowing me the opportunity to put god
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