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Many scholars studied political trust but still the debate remains that what actually being measured. Many controversies surrounding this concept and most prominent are; it is a measure of diffuse support for the political system (Miller 1974), specific support for the incumbents (Citrin 1974), or is the measurement of, How people are satisfied with the performance of incumbents (Citrin and Green 1986)? Trust in authorities(specific support) and trust in regime(diffuse support) are the two types of support first discovered by David Easton(1965,1975) and specific support means support for the officials and diffuse support means support for the form and structure of the government. Following the definition of Easton Us National Election study…show more content…
4. Do you think that quite a few of the people running the government are a little crooked, not very many are, or do you think hardly any of them are crooked?
From the measurement of US NES until now this method of measuring political trust repeatedly followed by the most of the scholars. They still follow the survey question method but there is a big debate between the scholars about the exact measurement of political trust. This was first criticized by Citrin (1974, .et al) on the analysis of Miller (1974) that this is only the measure of support for the incumbents not for the political system and if the support for incumbents is the measurement of trust then this is not a threat to the regime because the incumbents can be replaced by the power of vote.
Trust is a simple concept and can be measured by the method of survey questionnaire.
All the debates between scholars and conclusion of empirical searches consequence is that the people show trust when the institutes are working properly, economy is booming, crime is low and the property of people is safe. Political trust is most of the time was measured by the performance of government and behavior of the

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