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In today 's modern world pollution is on of the biggest problems for the people and also the environment. Pollution problems occur when producers and consumers use their environment for dumping waste. The environment includes air, water and all the land that is surrounding us. The environment is very important as it is providing us with resources which are used to produce goods and services as well as giving us a place for living. We use that environment to transform different materials into goods to satisfy our wants.

We could divide this into three major ways. There are non replicable resources, which includes petroleum, coal and minerals - which can be diminished. Then we have replaceable resources which includes grassland, oxygen, nitrogen, timber and so on. And at last would be that the environment is used to dispose waste of production and consumption.
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We pollute the nature with plastic, paper and other materials, as well as the rivers and lakes. All of these wastes that are being released into the environment go than through the recycling process. Pollution is actually the piling of environment with wastes that are not recycled, or need more time to be fully recycled. So, pollution occurs when the process of recycling fails to prevent the accumulating of waste in our environment.

Pollution has been around for decades, for as long as the human race exists. With the migration of people and with the creation of cities the waste would pile up faster then it could be recycled by the nature. The main forms of pollution are: air pollution, water pollution and land pollution. When releasing carbon monoxide, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides and so on we pollute air. The water is polluted when releasing different toxins and similar materials into the water. The land is easily polluted by dumping waste and tearing up the surface of the

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