The Importance Of Polonius In Shakespeare's Hamlet, Prince Of Denmark

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In William Shakespeare’s “Hamlet, Prince of Denmark,” Polonius is expressed as being intrusive by hiring Reynaldo to spy on his son, reading a love letter written for Ophelia from Hamlet to the King and Queen, and spying on Hamlet and Gertrude. Being intrusive puts one in dangerous situations.
When Laertes leaves to travel back to France after Claudius’ coronation, Polonius wants to ensure that Laertes will behave. Polonius decides to hire the spy Reynaldo to pretend he knows Laertes and ask his friends questions about him to see if he will get a response about his behavior. While talking to Reynaldo Polonius tells him “and finding by this encompassment and drift of question that they do know my son, come you more nearer than your particular demands will touch it” (Shakespeare 69). Polonius’ intrusiveness is expressed because Laertes is going off to college and Polonius is sending a spy to watch him. There is a point in a parent’s life when the child becomes old enough to where they should not have restrictions put on them by the parent. Laertes has reached that age, but Polonius is intrusive by keeping watch over his son and intruding in his privacy.
Had Laertes found out about the spy that was watching him, Polonius could have been put in a dangerous situation of losing the relationship he has with his son. If one hires a spy to watch their son, like Polonius did, then they may be put in the same situation.
In an attempt to prove to the King and Queen that Hamlet is

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