The Importance Of Poor Nutrition

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How many people know that poor nutrition can lead to death? In the present, day young adults lean to categories of food with poor nutrition more than good nutrition, which is so bad for the human body itself. The struggle is hard to convince the young adults about how to keep them on right track, and be in the safe side. Malnutrition is a physical weakness and bad health caused by a lack of food that is good for you (Cambridge Dictionary), unlike the proper nutrition that contains all the healthy food that the body need, which to improves the human body physically and mentally. It’s very important for the young adults to have a proper nutrition, because it will affect their daily life by being able to do anything without facing any health issue obstacles, be safe from many types of diseases, helps the body improves physically and mentally.…show more content…
Many nutrition doctors confirms that eating healthy food can affect the human behavior by eating natural source food that contains vitamins, minerals and protein that can give the person ability, which is able to focus and multitask without facing obstacles. For example, eating 3 meals per day dinner that is full of healthy nutrition can support the human brain function, metabolism, and strengthen the body abilities. Moreover, many young adults believes that eating healthy food in childhood is the most important level of having healthy food that can boost their energy and let them grow in the right way, which is not true because the important thing is every single person should eat healthy food from childhood to adulthood. However, many people didn’t know that having proper nutrition can secure the human body from many types of

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