The Importance Of Popular Music

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Popular music is rather vague or disruptive, not only for it is derived from a particular genre, but it relies on the 'popularity. ' Those who can easily access and bond through popular music is one of mediated popular culture’s potentials today. However, a conversation with my grandfather who was born in the late 1930s, discussed his diverse consumption of mediated cultural artefacts such as popular music. His experiences with popular music when he was younger convey an intergenerational disparity between him and I. Our journeys to understand ourselves better with music lead us to epiphanies of the alterations mediated popular cultural artefacts fostered by the advancements of technology. This paper will disclose our differences of exposure to popular music, the genres we associate ourselves to, and the dissimilarities of how popular music during our youths represent us.

As technology was not very developed during my grandfather’s youth time, exposure to popular music reveals our different identities. Cultural industries today have created such a mass production that one of the easiest methods to access them is merely an Internet connection. Today’s hit songs or new releases can be found through free music-streaming platform applications such as ‘Spotify’. It provides a variety of genres and moods for users to listen to the songs they wish. Such applications are simultaneously advertising music online (such as YouTube) and numerous music stores. Users are able to keep

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