The Importance Of Population Evolution

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In population genetics aspects, we can infer that we agreed that evolution happened. Darwin 's Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection is also one of the best explanation for the existence of evolution. Why do we agree that evolution exist based on prove in population genetics? The involvement of genotype factors show how an organism evolved over time. This can be relate to Darwin’s theory too in which in natural populations, the genetic composition of a population 's gene pool may change over time. Before Darwin 's time, science knew that life evolved, since they saw the fossil and their resemblance to extant life. And many hypotheses had been proposed before Charles Darwin 's idea. Darwin identifying natural selection as the mechanism for evolution. This explained why some life forms went extinct. Unfortunately, he did not have a good explanation for how new traits were formed, as there was very little knowledge of genetics at the time. We now know that genetic mutations provide the possible traits for natural selection to act upon. So, mutations provide the traits and natural selection weeds out the traits that do not work, leaving the best to carry on.
Other than that, with evolution can happen due to mutation which happened and it change the genotypic and phenotypic of an organism overtime. Mutation is the primary source of new alleles in a gene pool, but the other factors act to increase or decrease the occurrence of alleles. Mutations are classified as beneficial,
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