The Importance Of Population Growth

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Ancient societies appear to have had a single consuming concern about population-they valued reproduction as a means of replacing people lost through the universally high mortality. According to the evidence taken from Genesis of the Holly Bible, Judaism provided prescription to be fruitful and multiply, and replenish and fill the earth (Gen.1.28 and 9.1.7), is both a commandment and a promise. Thus, we can see that ancient Jews were encouraged to multiply themselves without any form of restrictions since they would not violate the values and principles of monogamous marriage life. Population growth was appreciated and encouraged by the norms and values of Jew society.

Confucius was able to see the relationship between population and resources available in an area for the first time in human history. For Confucius population growth was good, but government was looked forward to maintain a balance between population growth and available resources. Understanding the possible relationship, Confucius recommended that government should balance population growth with the existing resources by moving people from over-populated areas of china to under-populated ones. However, the idea of promoting population growth was still clearly stated in the doctrine of Confucius.

Cicero, important Roman political thinker around 100 B.C, noted that population growth was seen by emperors as means of replacing war causalities and of ensuring enough people to help colonize the empire. Around 400
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