The Importance Of Population Immunization In Third World Countries

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Everyday, 6 million children die from infections and preventable diseases, but this could end with immunization (“Child Survival” Para 1). Parents and children in Third World Countries are the ones most affected as they lose their friends, family, and children without immunizations. Third World Countries’ populations are being affected by the pollution and diseases in their water and air (“Third World” Para 1). These immunizations are a bigger deal than the human eye can see. Without them, there is trauma that affects the families who lose their children, there is no population stability in these Third World Countries, and there is no help being offered to them. Everyone needs a lending hand and when one has the resources that can be provided, then they should be supplied. Although there is a lack of education, the governments of these Third World Countries should work together with the United States to raise awareness and provide information about immunization because it will make a significant difference in the health of these countries overall.…show more content…
The lives of these children are only beginning and ending one’s life should not be solely based on the mere fact that one’s parents cannot afford to pay for a hospital visit or obtain medication. Sara Josephine Baker was a famous scientist that opened milk stations after she lost her father and brother to a typhoid epidemic. At these milk stations, nurses took care of children by making sure that the babies had scheduled checkups (Sara Josephine Baker Para 5). This scientist saved children by doing what she thought was necessary, now the countries in desperate need should receive the necessary tools to help their children and families stay together and grow. One person could bring this much change, now a whole country would make the most
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