The Importance Of Pornography On The Internet

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The era of globalization provides a variety of conveniences and facilities that are able to help human life. As it looks at the moment with the times, over the Internet we do not need to laboriously to seek information or convey information even to interact with people who are far from us, we can now use e-mail or social media which is much more efficient and effective. But also for information but the internet certainly has very important role in the lives of children today because of the Internet can provide all knowledge, not only in the knowledge learned even but alsoentertainment is single in the development of the child's growth today many examples that opium playing games and there is also an opiate of the social media.
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A teenage boy could have seen pictures or pornography sites while playing the Internet without your knowledge, it is not impossible it could happen because the lack of parental supervision of the Internet network is not limited to this. Pornography on the Internet and social media have been very prevalent and is very dangerous in adolescents because it is always curious. The influence of pornography is certainly bring a very bad influence, coupled with the lack of knowledge and control is given to that effect. As with pornography, fraud has also been very flourishing in social media and the Internet. Not a new thing if a lot of news about the fraud of social media, for example, teenagers are very easily deceived cyber criminals could impersonate people and invite peers to exchange information, then the victim will be asked to transfer money or invited to meet and commit other crimes such as robbing and killing. Gambling has also become one of the bad influence of social media on adolescents. In today's teenagers become increasingly lazy to go out and work part-time to supplement allowance, because there is internet. We just need to play in front of the screen, and if lucky we can get the

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