The Importance Of Pornography

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Pornography can be defined as the exhibition of sexual activity in the printed word, films, or the visual arts, which is intended to stimulate erotic rather that aesthetic feelings (Seto, Maric and Barbaree , 2001). Mansson and Martenson (2010) Add that graphic images and video clips depicting oral sex, anal sex, multiple men engaged in sexual activity with a single woman are a click away because of the advancement of technology. The New Encyclopaedia Britanicca(1994) describes pornography as the presentation of erotic behavior in books, pictures, statues, motion pictures etc. that is intended to cause sexual excitement. A classic of written pornography is the Roman poet Ovid‟s Ars Amatoria (Art of love), a treatise on the art…show more content…
There are attitudes of pornography. Flood (2009) mentions that initiation and consumption of pornography by males is higher than in females. Pornography is mostly used for sexual arousal, masturbation and males generally have a more supportive attitude towards it. The view that males are more supportive towards the consumption of pornography is not limited to the possibility that females could also be accepting and supportive towards it as well. The major difference is that males are more vocal about it, and females are forced to conform to more passive roles of followers. According to Traeen and Martinussen (2008) sexuality is something we are born with. Traeen and Martinussen (2008: 40) further stipulate that “what people do is not necessarily who they are. This means that homosexual behaviour is not always as a result of homosexual orientation”. The same principles apply for pornography; a person may be raised in an environment which is pro-pornography, but they might grow up with an anti-pornography attitude and vice-versa. Theories on child-development show that all children (within a normal environment) go through predictable phases of sexual development. Certain events and/or experiences, such as viewing pornography, can disturb this process of sexual development. Viewing pornography can disturb even accelerate; a child’s appropriate, normal sexual development (Benedek & Brown, 1999).Child-development theory also highlights the fact that the effects of exposure to any phenomenon are to a large extent influenced by the individual child‟s stage of development (Benedek & Brown, 1999). Exposure to phenomena that are not age-appropriate can lead to; for example, sleep

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