The Importance Of Portfolio Assessment

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In a typical classroom,most teachers use tests as one of the assessment tools to evaluate the students’ progress.Other assessment tools.are various projects,essay writings and etc.Teachers and the school body tends to forget about one of the most effective assessment which is the portfolio assessments.Why then,do teachers tend to forget or avoid practicing portfolio assessment? It can either be because they are not sure how to assess the student’s progress effectively through it or teachers are not aware of the importance and the purpose of it. Therefore,what is a portfolio assessment?Portfolio assessment includes the collections of students’ learning progress with the use various methods.Each students would have a folder of their own which…show more content…
Especially for students with special needs.Portfolio assessment trains students to be more independent and self-directed learner.As mentioned before,it also enhances communication inside the classroom,be it with the teachers or their peers.Portfolio is the best way for a teacher to show their students’ progress from time to time in detail to parents or the students themselves as all their work materials are recorded.Therefore,portfolio assessment should be practiced in all school,be it private or government or special schools.Teachers should be encouraged to be creative in applying and developing portfolio assessment in class as a way to evaluate their student’s progress as well as to enhance their career.The portfolio is indeed not an easy task to do especially for students with special need because teachers need to have a lot of patience with them. Nevertheless,the results are all worth the hardwork to see the progress and developments made by the students.In the end,portfolio gives a very valuable information on what the students have learnt and accomplished and how did they manage to improve themselves.Portfolios are becoming quite popular among schools in Malaysia as the results from portfolio assessments are more favorable compare to test assessment.Teachers play an important role in the portfolio assessment as they should know more information in order to help students to improvise themselves based on their own judgement.Only teachers are able to help them in a classroom as teachers are the only one aware and keeping track of their learning progress.Teachers should be share their students’ progress with their parents in order for them to get a clear understanding on their children’s progress.Students also have to do their part in order to make the portfolio assessment a success.Students,be it the normal students or students with
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