The Importance Of Positive Education

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Recently, increased stress and suicide problem of students have become the spotlight of media and public. According to the South China Morning Post, there are 22 suicides since the start of the academic year. Compare this to the average of 23 student suicides a year between 2010 and 2014, according to figures from the University of Hong Kong’s Centre for Suicide Research and Prevention. It is obvious that the alarm is ringing and educational system of Hong Kong that emphasize exam need to have a change. Positive education which is a new concept that contribute to the personal development and attributions to the students has values to be reference. Positive education is a new concept using science of Positive Psychology in schools, focused on both traditional skills and happiness and collective education. Different from the traditional education that focused on the academic and intellectual side, positive schooling teachers focus on the well-being of students and customize learning goals to students’ levels individually. The aims of positive education is to promote and encourage healthy lifestyle to children.

Positive education can contribute to the personal development to the students by bringing improvement to academic and intellectual potentials of students, mental health and enhancement of love and sense of belong.

Positive education can bring improvement to the academic results and intellectual potential of students, which is an important element of education.
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