The Importance Of Positivism In Education

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Positivism can be understood as the idea that the methods of the natural sciences should be used to study human and social matters. In this essay I will be explaining how positivism gave substance to the idea whilst paying particular attention to the role of induction and deduction. Positivism has had some influence in Education and the essay will attempt to outline and critically discuss some of these influences.
The knowledge that we acquire is from observations with the aid of our senses. This is how we interact with the world by being in and partaking in it. We can only claim knowledge when we are able to observe the interaction and in order for them to be genuine we would need to be able to text them out. So in order for us to be objective we would be able to have the ability to separate what is true and what is not and that is only achieved by testing it. The study of human and mental, social life should be researched and through empirical science it is a possibility, when this is done we are able to establish these disciplines as social sciences. Empiricism is found in the basis of positivism. Empiricism pre dates classical positivism and as well as logical positivism as it was see in the days of Plato and empirical sciences the highest form of knowledge.
The term Positivism was given birth by the French philosopher Auguste Comte, who published his 6 volume book Cours de Philosophie Positive. With his work we see that he argues several different things with each
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