The Importance Of Poverty And Education

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Education in poverty-stricken areas is a luxury that many people do not receive and has always been a fight from the beginning of Mississippi’s historical roots. The battle for adequate education has been a constant conflict and continues to hinder teens’ ability to learn. One of the reasons that education is unsatisfactory in many countries all over the world is because education and poverty are interrelated. Poverty has a negative impact on the student’s achievements and academic success and puts them at disadvantages for their futures. Although Mississippi is notorious for its major issues, the correlation of poverty and education have persisted as some of the most pressing issues that require immediate attention. Due to the struggling economical and social structures in the South, many schools are not receiving the proper attention that they are in desperate need of. Mississippi has the “highest rate of childhood poverty in the country and test scores that are consistently among the nation 's worst” which supports the idea that people in Mississippi are uneducated. (Willen, 2012, para. 4). This is most often because many children are not fortunate enough to have educated parents who can help them with academics and set the example for them to follow. Most of them do not have high paying jobs that allow them to sufficiently support their family. As a result, education becomes a secondary concern, whereas it should be a top priority. Amy Driscoll (2010), author

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