The Importance Of Poverty In Education

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The major themes the I found after reading this book were on the different kinds of poverty and the lack of resources. For instance, (Payne, 1998) mentioned financial, emotional, mental, spiritual, physical, support systems, relationships/role models, and knowledge of hidden rules. For the most part when I think about poverty, I usually think about economic hardships and emotional difficulties. After reading this book it broadened my perspective on how to look at poverty. It’s not the first time that I hear about mental, and spiritual rules. However, I never imagined that knowledge of hidden rules was such a great contributor to poverty and education. I did not know about the hidden rules that exist behind poverty and the educational system.
Payne (1998) mentions “There are street rules and there are school rules. Each set of rules helps you be successful where you are. So at school, laughing when being disciplined is not a choice. It doesn’t help you be successful. It only buys you more trouble. Keep a straight face and look sorry,
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She mentions, “Locate a resilient kid and you will also find a caring adult or several-who have guided him.” This quotes strongly relates to me because I believe that if you really want to impact a student, teachers, parents or a community you must build a rapport and a strong relationship. In addition, Perry and Delpit (1998) mention in their book, “In order to teach you, I must know you.” This is a quote that I strongly relate to and maybe it is because my love language is quality time. Therefore, it makes complete sense and I can connect with this quote because I feel that in order for me to know my students’ I must invest time learning about them. In addition, a way of doing this is my learning about the students’ culture, traditions, and language. Once an educator learns about the students’ culture then they are able to incorporate it into their
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