The Importance Of Poverty In Society

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The world has always been a place overcome by the unfair condition of the have and the have nots. The reason for this unfair condition? The limited availability of resources and the ever changing process as well as the general ability of individuals to come by or garner those resources. This condition has been prevalent since the accumulation of wealth and the formation of modern social structures developed. This social condition results in the vast accumulation of wealth for some, the haves, and the unavailability of wealth for others, the have nots; which can then be correlated to overall physical conditions. Poverty can be caused by multiple factors which then affect its overall incidence as well as the possible applicable solutions and how those solutions may be applied and made successful. These though are all interconnected and have an effect on one another and are found both in a community and global scale.
Throughout history the ability and the process of obtaining wealth has involved either the trading of other resources, otherwise known as bartering, or the use of some sort of social construction representing a monetary system with trading value, otherwise known as currency. As this occurs it becomes those that have more bartering power who eventually tend to have more currency power who become the haves rather than the have nots who never evolve enough in their resource management to obtain fiscal influence, rather they are taken advantage of by those who do.

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