The Importance Of Poverty In The United States

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Around the world, poverty seems to be a common problem for almost every nation. In some cases, there are countries who have the majority of the population in the considered poverty level, while other countries have a very small or no portion of poverty in their country. For example, countries that are considered third world struggle tremendously off of basic necessities like food and sometimes shelter. Compared to the United States, a first world country which is one of many others around the world, still struggles with homelessness, and people who live with either little income or none at all. The question is if a first world country such as the United States still has people who struggle in its nation due to income, why hasn 't there been anything done, knowing the fact that the government has enough money and power to make a difference. According to PovertyTalk.Org the United States has a 12.7% of people who are considered living at the poverty level, which is approximately 40.6 million people out of roughly 323.1 million. To fix this issue, companies should look to hire more people who are jobless or of low income because it helps stimulate the socioeconomic paradigm in reducing levels of poverty, decreasing amounts of health risks, and strengthening the nation 's overall democracy.
Reducing the poverty levels in the U.S. will benefit the overall well being of the country’s economy. It 's essential to have a good economy because that leads to the growth and production of

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