The Importance Of Poverty On A Child's Education

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Poverty definitely makes a difference to education. Poverty refers to the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. Students must have their basic needs met before they are able to learn. Poverty does not have to have a negative impact on a child 's education, but often times it does. A child growing up in poverty is exposed to some of the lowest aspects of life. Poverty has many factors, it can lead to low self esteem due to children from poverty stricken homes who are quick to notice that other children dress better than they do and they can become embarrassed which can cause them to withdraw themselves from classes which creates a bad learning environment. Secondly, in most cases when poverty is in the home, children find it very burdensome to participate in some activities that needs team work and binding with your peers, if there is a cost incurred. Thirdly, the under-privileged students may face condition in their homes, conditions that leaves them with less time and energy for studies. This problem can become serious if conditions are so bad that they dont get adequate nourishment. Also education is also aided by general exposure to the world in general. The less fortunate are likely to have less of such exposure. For example, they are less likely to travel much in their holidays. Dr. Ruby Payne is an American educator and author best known for her book ‘A Framework for Understanding Poverty’ and her work on the culture of poverty and

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