Poverty And Education Essay

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Poverty definitely makes a difference to education. Poverty refers to the state of one who lacks a certain amount of material possessions or money. Students must have their basic needs met before they are able to learn. Poverty does not have to have a negative impact on a child 's education, but often times it does. A child growing up in poverty is exposed to some of the lowest aspects of life. Poverty has many factors, it can lead to low self esteem due to children from poverty stricken homes who are quick to notice that other children dress better than they do and they can become embarrassed which can cause them to withdraw themselves from classes which creates a bad learning environment. Secondly, in most cases when poverty is in the home,…show more content…
Dr. Ruby Payne is an American educator and author best known for her book ‘A Framework for Understanding Poverty’ and her work on the culture of poverty and its relation to education. She has dedicated a large portion of her life studying the effects of poverty on students pertaining to education . What she explains is that not only do children suffer the economic issues that go along with poverty, but they suffer when they and others with whom they interact do not understand the rules that go along with each socio-economic class. People in poverty will be usually more focused on learning how to survive before trying to get an education, even if they decided to try to get an education, paying the fees for it would be a huge problem, and along with taking care of themselves as far as food and health is considered, it would become difficult. Hence people in poverty are unable to get education, because their primary motive is not knowledge but it is money that allows them to eat, whatever amount is needed for them to fulfill their need of survival. The children care for their survival rather than to gain an education and often-times those children has to do illegal activities in order to survive which aid in crimes/violence and prostitution
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