The Importance Of Poverty

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Over the years poverty has been an echoing word throughout our society. It has been a part of almost everyone’s speech. Poverty is can be classified to be a comprehensive condition, and affects most families if not the entire world’s population. According to United Nations Population Fund (2008), the poverty rate in Jamaica stands at 16.5%, having increased in the past two years. The result is showing that a larger proportion of the population now falls below the poverty line and as a result inequality has risen, in many instances increasing the physically weak of the most-at-risk populations, which includes women and children. Also the Statistical Institute of Jamaica (2012), published in a survey that based on living conditions more than 500,000 Jamaicans or one out of every five, live below the poverty line. (W. Campbell, 2015).
According to the World Bank, in 2011, 17% of the people in the developing world lived on or below a minimal amount of US$1.25 a day. This means that 1.4 billion people or 21% of the world 's population live in extreme poverty. Unfortunately, women and children account for a sizeable portion of those who live in poverty. It is my opinion and belief that education can break barriers in order to escape or come out of poverty, but on the other hand poverty has been seen to cause problems in education as it can also limit student’s true potential. Children coming from a poor background usually look and dress differently from others from an upper class
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