Tetsuo's Corruption Of Power In The Movie 'Akira'

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What are the implications of someone mentally unstable gaining immense power? In the Japanese anime movie Akira, the character Tetsuo almost brings about the apocalypse due to his inability to handle excessive power. However, that does not necessarily imply that anyone gaining that same amount of power would lose control. In the world of Akira, power does not innately corrupt. Rather power brings out the dominant, preexisting strengths and weaknesses in an individual. The apocalypse that nearly took place in Akira could have been avoided if someone more mentally stable and solid in their morality such as Kei had gained that same power. The chaotic portrayal of Tetsuo’s character before the power inside him awakens leads to the conclusion that he struggles with his mental health. At the beginning of the movie Tetsuo nearly beats a rival gang member to death. Before Tetsuo could kill the biker, Kaneda yells at Tetsuo to stop and Tetsuo retorts in anger. “Shut up! Don’t order me around! Why do you always have to try and save me? I…show more content…
Tetsuo starts off as power hungry, violent, and mentally unstable. After Tetsuo is introduced to power, all of those characteristics thrive. Tetsuo attempts to fight Akira for more power, he lays waste to the city of New-Tokyo, and he completely loses control of his power and himself. On the other hand, Kei is dedicated and selfless before discovering the power inside her. When she gains power with the help of Kiyoko, she uses that power to confront Tetsuo, save Kaneda, and attempt to bring about peace rather than violence. If Kei had possessed the magnitude of power that Tetsuo gained, she would have overthrown the government in order to create a society that gave more power to the people. Power in and of itself does not corrupt an individual. Rather power brings out the truest aspects of an individual’s
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