The Importance Of Power In Society

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Power is an influence that helps our society but at the same time, it could cause problems within our society. Every individual in this society have their own power, but people at different levels have a different amount of power. The extent of power could be discussed from three different aspects which are the individual with great power, people with a certain amount of power, and the individual that have less to no power. First of all, the individual with great power normally has a great impact on the society in both good and bad ways. Good power could make the society better. For example, Maddy
Bowen from the movie Blood Diamond. She used her power as a journalist to reveal the illegal diamond trade. She used her power in a good way and helped the society to improve . This proved that there are people in our society using their power in a good way and helping the society to improve. There are people like Maddy Bowen, they have the hearts to support the society to grow toward the better side. In the other way, if power is used incorrectly it could cause a huge chaos. From a recent Hollywood news, a guy named Harvey Weinstein, he was reported by actresses that he was a serial sexual harasser. He abused his power on actresses who have less power compared to him for his own benefits . This type of problem occurs in different workplaces but victims are afraid to speak up because they might get retaliate . That is why people with greater power could influence the society in a
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