How Do People Obtain Power In Sula

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Over generations people have been saying that money doesn't bring them happiness, but it for sure brings them power. Everyone seeks power and there are many ways of how people consume power. In Sula by Toni Morrison, she talks about the two girls who grew up together and became worse than enemies because of an unforgivable betrayal caused by the lack of power Sula had. Sula breaks everyone's heart getting all the power she had ever wanted and Eva becomes powerless as soon as she is forced to leave her house. As a result of the selfishness, Sula dies all alone with nothing at all. Sula grew up in house with a lot of rooms, occupied with people who didn't have any power because it was her grandma’s house that sheltered them and protected them from the outside world. No one could object on anything her grandma Eva said. Eva built that house after her husband Boyboy left her, “Later she started building a house…show more content…
Sula came back to Nel’s house so she can see her and remind her of their fun past and the never ending friendship, but while Sula was setting there she realized that Nel had a powerful thing that she didn't have which was: her family. She thought about all the sacrifices she mad so she could have what Nel has but she never did. As Jude walked in Nel’s husband, Sula realized how much attention he gave Nel. She felt powerless and not just powerless, but sexually powerless. As Sula felt comfortable around the house she started looking for her desires, “They had been down on all fours naked, not touching except their lips right down there on the floor” (Morrison, p.105). Morrison here reveals the truth behind Sula’s desire for power and not just anything that made her feel powerful. Because the only thing that made her think she was fully powerful and completed was having sex with her bestfriends husband in front of her
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