The Importance Of Powerless Communication

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One strategy to influence others according to Mr Grant is by powerless communication. Powerful communication establish dominance, and takers more often do this style. They speak loudly and forcefully, express certainty, promote accomplishments, and they have large body language. Powerless communication tries to build prestige and admiration, and givers are known to this style. They speak less assertively, express plenty of doubt, relies on advice from others revealing their weaknesses. Asking questions is a form of powerless communication likewise advise seeking and feedback seeking are the other forms of powerless communication. There are four benefits of advice seeking: learning, perspective taking, commitment and flattery. When we ask people for advice, we give them prestige, and that we respect and admire their insights and expertise. It has been proven to be effective in building a reputation rather than establishing dominance by attempting to show strength, power, and authority to people.

Givers who give and give without understanding the effect of their behavior, easily get burned
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They understand that the best thing for themselves is for their group to perform as well as possible. When givers show they care more about the group, they signal that they care less about themselves that is why they earn their collaborators’ respect and trust. The "givers," the leaders who balance their own interests while also considering the interests of others, are the most successful middle market business leaders. Middle-market companies benefit from building a culture of givers where employees are willing to help colleagues and customers without strings attached. The acts of giving like in knowledge sharing, mentoring, introducing - become the standard and those companies are benefit from profits, customer satisfaction, employee retention, and operating

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