Essay On Powerlessness In Israel

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The Arab people are haunted by a sense of powerlessness; permanently inflamed, it is the badge of their malaise. Powerlessness to be what you think you should be. Powerlessness to act, to affirm your existence, even merely theoretically, in the face of the other who denies your right to exist, despises you and has once again reasserted his domination over you. Powerlessness to suppress the feeling that you are no more than a lowly pawn on the global chessboard even as the game is being played in your backyard. This is a quote by Samir Kassir, a Palestinian journalist assassinated by a car bombing in 2005. Being a lowly pawn in the Arab world characterizes the citizens of the Palestine-Israel where, in less than two decades, millions of Palestinians (the majority of whom are Islamic and some of whom are Christians) were displaced due to disagreements of statehood and land ownership with their Jewish neighbors, resulting in thousands of deaths on both sides. The issue is plagued by a delicate question: would the One-State Solution (creating a democratic government and a shared country) or the Two-State Solution (creating two separate countries for Israel and Palestine) ensure both the Israelis and the Palestinians the equal rights and government representation. Through many…show more content…
It has become clear that to keep both people's interests at heart, the One-State Solution is the only option. The One-State Solution will tear down the prejudice and dismay that occupy the minds of the Palestinians and Israelis alike. The One-State Solution will brighten the future and transform the two distraught communities into a cohesive and productive democracy. The Two-State Solution only amplifies the resentment and controversy. The time to solve the issue has come; the people must reunite as they once were to become one united
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