The Importance Of Practicums In Education

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I found this article done by Pau Stapleton and Qing Shao was very informative and meaningful, because as they mentioned, along with development of using English all around the world, there are a wide range of ELT teacher training programs existing in various countries , but we are so difficult to find any study about effectiveness, practical as well as application of these programs and know exactly how many MATESOL in the world. According to official website (, it has about 300 kinds of MASTESOL programs. However, the questions raised here that why with a bulk of teaching curriculum, we can not discover the common standards for them. Before I read this article, I had expected that it will show me overview and clear…show more content…
I thought that non-US countries should take more practicums in teaching, because English is the second language in these kinds of nations. In contrast, according to the result of this study US focuses much more on practicums rather than non US-countries. The main aim of teaching practicum is to provide student teachers with real experience in teaching. This is essentially required to develop teaching skills as well as to advance their professional one. Student teachers have to practice themselves because practical knowledge and skills are held by the individual and cannot easily be transmitted from person to person. Student teachers need know-how, and by connecting the skills of teaching to knowledge, through reflection, they will gradually start developing practical skills. An important role of the practicum is to support experience to the teaching. The strongest factor effects on retention seems to be the quality of the first teaching experiences, and what student teachers experience in their practicum creates their view of the profession. It is therefore crucial that student teachers are given quality practice areas. So as to learn from field experience it is necessary to look back at it and reconstruct it through interaction between the individual, objects and other persons. In this way, the experience can prepare the individual in the long run. Systematic reflection in dialogues with neers, mentors and supervisors prepares student teachers for the real and complex classroom and provides future teachers with tools for developing confidence to act professionally in unique situations. Thus, I much more refer to MSTESOL programs of US rather than any non-US

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