The Importance Of Prayer In Schools

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Why can’t we pray? For years now religion in school has been a major problem all over the United States. People are arguing whether or not to allow prayer and religion in schools. Many schools and communities keep their traditions by praying before and after games and praying during potluck meals. Many places religion is not a problem because the overall student population is Christian but this isn’t always the case in every school. This is when the best interest of the students’ needs to be taken into consideration. Many people don’t understand the complexity of the law about religion in school, how it affects the students not to have it, and what the disadvantages are of keeping prayer out of schools. The law against prayer in school may seem ridiculous to many. Most don’t understand what the law is completely advising. The law does not take away the students right of Freedom of speech. The law does however take away the ability of the school to organize part of the school day for students to pray Christian prayers alone (Robinson). The schools are not allowed to single out just Christian prayers if they wish to talk about prayer they must include prayers from various other religions (Robinson). This is all part of the separation of church and state. The separation of church and state started originally as Thomas Jefferson’s letter to the Danbury Baptist church in 1801 (Alliance). It was to handle the government interference in the public expression of faith (Alliance).

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