The Importance Of Pride In 'The Scarlet Ibis'

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What is pride? Pride is “a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.” But what does pride mean to others? A debate was started online at “” about pride. People debated if pride is bad or good, 43% said it was bad and 57% said it wasn’t bad. People replied about what they think about pride, the comments were anonymous. For the 43% that said pride was bad, some people said “pride was not the same as confidence” or “pride can lead to bad things.” The 57% said that “pride is good in every way” and “pride is wisdom.” Since so many people have different opinions on pride…show more content…
He’s ashamed because his brother wasn’t born like everyone else. His brother was born different and he was embarrassed because of him. He decided to help him out with simple things he couldn’t do by himself. At the end of the story the narrator goes outside with Doodle to go to swimming lessons. After Doodle’s lesson, there was lightning outside so they tried to hurry home. Doodle struggled to catch up with his brother. He waited for him but Doodle was underneath a shaded area since it was raining. The narrator went over to Doodle and told him let’s go. Doodle didn’t respond. The narrator knew something was wrong so he lifted up Doodle’s head and saw he was bleeding from the mouth. He realized his brother didn’t make it and cried. At the end of the story, the text says,”Doodle, Doodle.’ There was no answer but the ropy rain. I began to weep, and the tear- blurred vision in red before me looked very familiar. ‘Doodle!’ I screamed above the pounding storm and threw my body to the earth above his. For a long time, it seemed forever, I lay there crying, sheltering my fallen scarlet ibis.” Because his pride got in the way and made him push his brother too hard, his brother
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