The Importance Of Primary Education

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What factors should I consider as I choose the most appropriate primary school for my child?
I am having difficulty in making a decision with regards to the best education institution to enroll my child for elementary school. I am a young single mother with a child that will be turning three in two months.
Safety is my biggest concern when it comes to schooling for me. Recently, I heard of a disturbing incident in one of the elementary schools that sent a chill down my spine. A student had come with a gun to the central community school system! This still petrifies me even as I write this.
Home-schooling is really not an option for me. I cannot afford it. I work three jobs to make ends meet. I’m always super busy and cannot get decent time off to walk around identifying the best schools.
I really need to know the best institution that will provide both high standards of preschool education and uncompromising security.
On a lighter note, someone please recommend where I can get the best backpacks for school.
A child is the most important thing to a parent and wanting the best for them is only natural. I understand your concerns over your child but I think it’s time you let them grow.
Stop worrying too much. Unfortunate events that happen at primary schools are just that, unfortunate. They are not a norm and have very slim chances of recurring.
When choosing the most appropriate primary education institution, there are a number of factors to consider:
• Test score

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