Reflective Essay: What Makes A Better Cupcake?

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Have you ever done something so bad that you wish you could erase from your past? If you have, I can definitely relate because I did something which wasn’t so kind. I am so clumsy, that I dropped some of my icing on the ground, and the President slipped on it! It was never my intention to slip the President of Candyland! Anyway, the point is I think I deserve a second chance to prove that I am truly, a very good cupcake. I think that I have changed into a new and better cupcake. To prove myself, I am going to clean and decorate the prison. But first, of course, I have to fundraise to get the money to buy all the supplies. Firstly, I am going to gather up all the prisoners so we can create jewelry and crafts to sell at the sale, which will be going towards buying all of the supplies. Then, I am going to buy all of the supplies which I am going to use to decorate and clean. Finally, I am going to clean and re-decorate the prison with neutral colours and modern decor. Every single spot in this prison is so untidy and dirty and cleaning this…show more content…
Creating crafts and jewelry will help brighten up these prisoners lives and will also benefit myself. In jail, there is nothing fun to do here and creating crafts and jewelry will be a fun activity for all the prisoners to do. With all the money that is made, I will spend it on buying all the paint, decorations and cleaning supplies. This is just the first step that will help me earn my way out of jail. In addition, I am going to buy all the paint supplies and the decor. When I buy everything, the decor is going to be modern and the paint colours are going to be neutral colours that still have that wow-factor. This will help make the prison more modern and pleasant place to be around. At the end of this re-design, this boring and colourless jail is going to transform into a modern and welcoming
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