Shadows In Socrates Life Essay

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The prisoners in Socrates’ story live harsh lives. The setting for these lives is an underground den with little light. They are imprisoned from their youth in this den, and their necks and legs are chained to prevent movement. The only light available for them comes from a small hole at the entrance and a fire that remains at their backs. These weak sources of illumination cast shadows around the prisoners, producing the only visual stimulation they ever experience. Since they are never exposed to anything else, these shadows become reality for the viewers.
Due to the lack proper light for the prisoners, they are only able to see the shadows produced by the few light sources they do have. They are also unable to turn their heads to see any
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If allowed to immediately leave, he believed they would experience pain from previously not moving, the light would dazzle their eyes, and they would be shocked at first seeing the light. Most importantly, however, the liberated prisoners would have difficulties coping with the new knowledge that the shadows they had always perceived as real were in fact illusions. After living their entire lives believing in the shadows, they wouldn’t be able to process reality. They would also suffer ever further due to their ignorance of reality as they are questioned and expected to know the identities of objects they have never seen before. These hardships would turn what should be an amazing moment, into a nightmare for these newly freed men, urging them back into the shadows that provide them the comfort of…show more content…
These people have been exposed to both the light and the darkness. They have struggled to adapt to both worlds, allowing themselves to see both forms of reality. And despite experiencing a higher world, these people have made the sacrifice to return to the darkness, this time to provide help to their fellow prisoners. They struggled once again to readjust themselves so that they could function in the den with those who weren’t fortunate enough to experience the light. These people have a duty to lead and teach because they are the only ones who can properly do
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