The Importance Of Privacy And Health Information Technology (HIT)

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Privacy and Health Information Technology (HIT) Privacy is an important aspect to healthcare organizations planning to utilize health management information systems (HMIS) because protecting patients’ personal healthcare information is vital to providing quality healthcare, building trust in consumer relationships, and following patients’ healthcare rights legislation. If patients do not feel that their personal information is secure, they will seek care at another competitive healthcare organization. In addition, healthcare centers that do not take steps to make sure they are abiding by healthcare privacy legislation will most likely face large Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) fines…show more content…
They explain most HIPAA violations are due to lack of employee awareness related to patients’ privacy procedures and a deficiency in communication from management regarding education on proper patient confidentiality processes. They advocate for regular staff trainings on HIPAA laws and instruction on specific privacy weaknesses that affect their organizations’ healthcare information systems. They also explain that healthcare information system privacy training should ensure employees are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to protecting their patients’ confidentiality. They emphasize management should regularly communicate about the importance of HIPAA compliancy to their staff members and make privacy training a top priority within their organizations (Mishra et al., 2014). Staff members’ awareness and agreement through consistent communication and training sessions concerning HIPAA regulations and updates will ensure healthcare centers are adequately protecting the privacy of their patients’ healthcare…show more content…
They explain PIS include: CDSS software, electronic prescribing, computerized provider order entry, telepharmacy services, automated dispensing systems, and point of care technology. They advocate for healthcare centers utilizing PIS to prevent medication errors and improve patient safety. They state the National Health Informative Initiative supports a nationwide electronic health information infrastructure where healthcare professionals across the U.S. can easily access patients’ medication histories to deliver them higher quality healthcare services. They reveal the federal government has established the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology to facilitate the National Health Information Initiative and HIE to better connect healthcare centers in the U.S. Nevertheless, they disclose the American Pharmacists Association Code of Ethics states a pharmacist must treat patients’ electronic health information in a confidential and secure manner when communicating with other healthcare providers and incorporate their patients’ wishes regarding HIE into their correspondence. They advocate for developing ethical frameworks to guide clinical communication related to HIE between healthcare providers. Additionally, they stress the importance of expediting knowledge and new research among healthcare professionals and consumers

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