The Importance Of Privacy In Modern Architecture

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This thesis is tending to illustrate and understand how privacy effects the arrangement of spaces in the modern architecture of Pakistan from mid of 19 centuries till end of it (1950’s-1990’s). This study will lead us further to a timeline of understanding the need of privacy and modernity in the architecture of Pakistan and how modern architecture mold itself with the culture of Pakistan.
Architecture is a social art and every architectural movement have social origin. Life of today is different from life 100 years before, which shows the transition of forms of the shelter and structures according to human needs and necessity. Life nowadays is more fast and dynamic than before we move from one place to another, city to suburb, office to house much more freely than before.
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Pakistan was also influence by this growing movement of modern architecture. After 65 years of independence Pakistan is still grappling with the nature and its existence as secular or religious and therefore its identity. Kamil Khan Mumtaz was one of the most influent figure in architectural education and disclosure in Pakistan after its creation in 1947.he tried to create both pragmatic and philosophical aspects of architecture. He trained in modern movement at Architectural Association (AA), London. His search was more to explorer the appropriate architectural idioms for Pakistan. He notes that in Pakistan have same irony of modern movement as others that while, it rejects all different style and soon become symbol of progress identified by certain elements of architecture. According to “architecture in Pakistan” book written by Kamil Khan Mumtaz divide modern architecture movement in 3 sections “first generation”, “young generation” and “foreign architecture” for whom new capital Islamabad was the focal

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